Swine Flu (A H1N1) FAQ

ive be sick this former weekkk .. swine flu?
i have a very stuffed up nose , coughing , sneezing , mild headache , sore throat , paucity of appetite , drowsy & mentally feel unstable , some aches i woke up sweating last darkness & my room is very cold & i just...

Are the Mexicans attacking us next to the swine flu?
- Of course.

Which is more serious; the swine flu or tuberculosis?
- tuberculosis

Swine Flu/Disneyland trip?
As you all know there is the swine flu going on specially in Mexico City and as far as I know it is in a minute in some countries of the Unites Sates.I am not aware of how exactly the flu virus got around but...

Can anybody narrate me how the Swine Flu come roughly?
I understand that it came from pigs, but how did it migrate to humans?I've heard it have been around for several years but that it only went from pig to pig. How is it that it presently can spread from pig to human? and how...

For the ppl that own the H1N1 "swine flu"virus. If they rest,can they grasp infected again next to duplicate?
strain of the virus ( if it doesn't mutate)like with the chicken pox... if you get them, it is HIGHLY unlikely to attain them againI was using chicken pox as an example... - hardly anything is known give or take a few it, much less...


What is Swine Flu??
I have been hearing in the region of it an awful lot lately, and I want to know what it is!! - it's a type of flu that pigs get from birds, humans get from pigs, and it gors human to human. it is a...


Swine Flu o.O Should we pocket it that serious?
I live in NJ, Im cashier, obviusly my work involves touching dirty stuff like money n touching other's handShould I use gloves while Im working ?Is the swine flu that serious or tv n news are just exagerating??wat u think in the region of it??...

I've be craving slop from Taco Bell, do I hold the swine flu?
- lmfao

is swine flu contagious between humans ?
- Yes. You're probably gonna die too.


WHO Swine Flu Level 5?
When was the last time, before today, the WHO declared a stratum 5 pandemic? - Swine flu on the 70's... not bird flu or SARS even, i don't know either should panicked or calm down!

Where did the swine flu spring from?
It cant just appear out of nowhere.. so where did it come from? people are pretty sure it come from this pig factory place north of mexico city; a 5-year-old near the place was the first to get it - I kno...

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