Swine Flu (A H1N1) FAQ

Swine flu is within Washington State, three cases currently discoverd?
I am warning others, swine flu is in US, please tak eproper precautions for this, if you have more information on the virus please post a comment.As of 8:35PM-8:40PM near were three cases of swine flu in Washingotn State now it have hit 6, if...

Can taking Valtrex relieve to protect from the Swine Flu panademic?
Can taking Valtrex help to protect from the Swine Flu panademic? - NO. Simplex virus is completely different from Influenza.

survey: Are you concerned roughly speaking the swine flu?
Are you concerned about the swine flu?I am only because I have a decrease immune system, due to a kidney transplant.Are you all worried?Why or why not? - not really concerned but to help prevent catching it you could just wipe your hands before eating...

Sore throat for 10 days, Just found out a relations friend get vertebrae from mexico surrounded by feb could this be swine flu?
Im 19 weeks pregnant and have had a very sore throat for 10 days immediately. And just found out today that my sisters friend got back from mexico surrounded by feb. I didnt have much contact with her but she was surrounded by our house....

Is the Swine Flu Overrated?
- wth is it my friend even asked me how the swine flu was by me


Poll: Are you worried almost the swine flu?
Are you worried about the swine flu?and where do you live? - Yes, im pregnant and have respiratory problems.I live In central Florida where they are waiting to confirm cases by tomorrow.


Swine flu and immigration?
If you are emigrating to Canada and your country bans all travel to Canada a moment ago a few days before your flight, and your visa to enter Canada expires just a few days after your flight, what will happen to your visa? will it...

Is swine flu a nouns or flop?
They tried for years to mutate Bird Flu into human-human contagion but failed. Now they have succeeded with swine flu!There are populace who are trying hard, aren't there? - indeed

What preparations can I cart to prevent swine flu?
WIll it be super-deadly?Also, I have a heart condition. I'm high-risk for influenza, would swine flu kill me if I got infected?I've other gotten my flu-shot. Not that that will help...DX No one can tell you for certain that swine flu will...

Advice on the Swine Flu?
I am trying not to make a big deal about the swine flu, but I am starting to quality a little under the weather. I live in one of the artificial areas, where at least 17 cases have be confirmed and at least 20 more...

Do i enjoy the swine flu virus?
I live in Los Angeles and this Sunday I caught a cold.My symptoms are coughing, stuffy and runny nose, really soar throat, but no fever. My ancestral tells me that I don't have it because I don't have a confusion, but is there a chance...

Swine flu? Scared? Help?
I know everyone's asking this, but I've been having gas lately. I haven't had diarrhea, but I've be having some headaches.Swine flu or no? I don't want to die at 13, I'm afraid that since I'm really small something might happen.Plus my throat is a...


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