Swine Flu (A H1N1) FAQ

Do I hold the swine flu should I see a doctor?
It started with a sore throat...now I have a stuffy feeler and it runs from time to time with strong nose bleeds.I have body ache with a slight headache.I got a slight stomach ache too...I live surrounded by Germany...should I go to hospital now or...

how long does it nick to seize over the swine flu?
I need to know two things, If treated, will you be okay? How long does it take you to get over the swine flu? - There is no cure for it. Some those get over but some people die.

Swine flu at the top of the nation?
What would happen if our new President got infected next to swine flu? He would get the best treatment available, and he wouldn't have to worry around paying for it either, unlike if one of us contracted Swine flu. - He'd take...

where on earth can i bring back a n95 respirator camouflage and how much are they. I want a couple for swine flu.?
- http://www.samsclub.com/shopping/navigate.do?dest=5&item=367258&pid=_Froogle&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=685965

Spiritually speaking, how tired are you of audible range almost the swine flu?
I've heard it all. It was the Jews (as if you can take it eating pork), it was the "dirty Mexicans", everybody's going to die, we all entail to wear masks (sexy), etc.I'm a rough riding bus-taker and I'm not wearing a mask. ...

What is the kismet that you would die from swine flu?
I knew it would happen eventually, but "Swine flu" is now contained by Chicago. I'm a reasonable person, but I admit, this item is very scary for me. I grew up in a small town where on earth we never had to worry about this...

I own a interrogate on Swine Flu?
I have a few questions regarding Swine Flue, or just now renamed H1N1.How long will the Swine Flu last?&Is there a chance that this will jump worldwide?Gosh, I really hope this doesn't last long.Summer is coming & lots of people are going to be traveling.Thanks...

Are within any outbreaks of the Swine Flu contained by the Cancun nouns of Mexico?
Just wondering if it is safe to travel there for vacation - a couple traveled to cancun for their honeymoon and both be infected with the virus...they are now in quarantine


What will transpire when the Swine Flu combines near Boogie Fever?
A Flying Pig disco, Onederful!Oi, nothing that big, Bopper! - A Pig Disco?lol

How several associates own be kill by swine flu contained by the U.S.?
I was wondering how many people own been killed in the U.S. by the swine flu. If you own not heard of swine flu you must be underground. Or just tired of hearing the medium exaggerate everything it touches.The reason you havn't...

Why did yesterday's report read out that two race died within california of swine flu?
But today's news says that the first death from the swine flu is a toddler? because the communication wants sensational reports, and whether they are true or not is secondary to sensationalism. - Those two deaths be unconfirmed because lab tests have...

Swine flu: could 'I am Legend' take place?
humans wiped off the face of the mud.only a certain group being immune?please can everyone entry that i did not talk about zombie people anywhere contained by my answeri was just asking about humans dying out and a specific group human being immune.no-where in my...

Is it ok to guzzle at Taco Bell, beside the Swine Flu Virus spreading around the country?
Absolutely not. As we all know, Mexicans started the swine flu. And what is Taco Bell? It's a Mexican fast food chain. Durr! No Taco Bell, it's full of swine flu. Common sense. Answered by *...

Has within be a report of swine flu surrounded by Oklahoma particuarly contained by the southern reigon?
- Yes. It's all over Oklahoma.

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