If this swine flu is so contagious why dont they shut down the borders around Mexico?

Just wondering that if this new swine flu pandemic(as they are calling it) is so deadly and catchy why wouldnt they close the borders around Mexico?
Best Answer: It's already gotten out of Mexican borders...doing that would be a bit pointless don't you think? Only article that would help do is stop people from going to Mexico...

Answer: economic reason?

They've been trying to shut down that border for the last couple hundred years... What makes you deduce they'll be any more successful now?

I wish they would shut them down, and stop any more travelers from bringing it back here, perchance we could slow down the spread.

If it's airbourne, closing borders won't help. People travel all of the time, and it's not just within Mexico anymore, so it is too late for that.

No, they havnt shut down the El Paso borders yet. Because imagine the econmic loss if they did. Also near hasnt been any outbreaks in El Paso yet.

it's too belatedly for that, it was too late for that two weeks ago... it's already in seven different countries around the sphere.

The swine is not deadly if you treat it correctly. The USA has been trying to close the Mexican border for years and inferior miserably (hence illegal immigrants). But don't worry, if you think you enjoy the flu, go to your doctor.

Economics. Trade stops economy gets worse. It already is adjectives over so to shut the border down now is redundant

Jenny your'e effing stupid i live in el paso and my mom just come from juarez explain that moron!

I know that's exactly what i was thinking! I cant believe people would still travel there after adjectives the outbreaks of swine out there.. but its already in california.. I heard at hand were a few cases in oakland and Sacramento already.. Figures im literally in the middle.. My superintendent takes a yearly trip to mexico always around this time.. I bet his still goisurrounded by. Stupid/hard headed.
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