I presume I might hold swine flu I own most of the symptoms but my doctors said no what do i do?

I have diarrhea, head aches, ear ache, and a fever. My doctor said i wasn't sick at all but I am feeling SO vague. I have a fever even though he says I don't. I hold had every single person in my household check me and they own said I am burning. I also have diarrhea and the WORST headaches alive. My ears hurt and I can barely sleep but I am so tired. Now I don't know if my doctor is an idiot or I am in recent times imagining these things but I don't feel well and don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP

Answer: first of adjectives take it easy your not going to die even if you had it .would second for a week or so .stop worrying i'm a doctor myself okay you'll be fine but if you persist then go see your physician . DONT WORRY BE HAPPY freshly like the song.

You may have it but i would check by seeing if you know anybody with it and if you do and you've come icontained byo contact with them or been where they've be you may have it. DON'T WORRY YOU WON'T DIE!!
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- this disease morphed and mutated with a human virus and somehow a person got it. you could scrutinize this if u want:watch:http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/?rn=3906861&cl=13180777&ch=4226723&src=news

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Please comfort me. - I don't want to cuddle you if you have already morphed.

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Oh lord Jesus I'm so scurred of that swine flu should I quit my situation and stay home?
ull be fine - It is ok and you will be fine.Even if you get it you will be fine.Get treatment quickly and your in apt heath all will be fine.

Went to Disneyland this weekend, immediately I'm impression underneath the weather, is it a possibility it may be swine flu?
Please serious answers only. I'm already too much of a worrying person. I don't need any sarcasm. - hmm resourcefully there are lot's of people at disneyland, it could be possible, I don't know though. go to the doctor.