With the terrify of swine flu floating around...?

What happens when WHO issues a Phase 5? Do they start shutting down grocery stores?? Can you not leave your house? Martial Law? What about stage six? REAL Answers please... Obviously I wouldn't post if I be looking for fake ones. Thanks

Answer: It is already in Phase 5 so i guess that answer's your question because we can give notice our homes and go to the grocery store, etc.

level 5 means that a worldwide pandemic is approaching. they are advising every country and state to activate their emergenncy pandemic strategies and alerting all humanity to protect themselves. this disease have spread in a very short amount of time which is why they raised the alert stratum.

You are actually quite right. Phase 5 is where government begin pulling out the stops. Things like: 1. Quarantines at airports 2. Closing down public transport, schools, and public venue 3. National curfews 4. Distribution of protective devices (disinfectants and respirators) Phase 6 is a full-blown pandemic. At this stage: 1. Billions of people around the world rapidly become infected 2. Millions die across the globe 3. The worldwide cutback shuts down out of fear 4. Hospitals overflow, causing great chaos 5. Many government deploy the military (martial law) to prevent anarchy. Mexico is already at "Phase 5" and is taking drastic measures. The World Health Organization will likely declare Phase 5 within the week. P.S. Correction. I own just read that the World Health Organization has declared "Phase 5." Expect drastic action contained by the following days. Also, it might not be a bad idea to start praying to whatever God or Gods you believe surrounded by...
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