I don't own the swine flu. I'm gonna live! Thanks R&S, glory be to anything floats your boat?

I really believed I was dying of swine flu for about 20 minutes. Thanks for keeping level head and talking me down from that ledge.

Answer: come back to discuss religion anytime =D

Well we can believe within is a God and no swine flu will get us and why we are all in the R & S slot it can save us
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I'm really worried almost the Swine flu?
well, i just really scared...i can't believe it have gone international...-8 people already have it in Victoria, Australia...-just surrounded by a couple of days my grandparents are going to Greece for 3 months...-i want to buy something on ebay NSW in Australia, but now i...

own they made any vaccines fot the swine flu?
now i an getting a little worried, it said on a websight australia is extrodinarily preppared for the swine flu, but i think i basically read 100 ausies died from swine flu, do we have any vaccines yet? cos i dont want to die in...

what are the actual symptons for swine flu?
ive beena bit sniffly since the weekend but im tryin not to worryi live in englandbuti wanted to know what the actual symptons are as ive never have a flu before and what can i do to prevente myself from getin iti kno i don...

how did swine flu start and where on earth did it start?
- In Mexico, apparently from pigs. There are 149 deaths confirmed so far. I'm worried, they are saying it could be the next pandemic. I own left some links with more infromation. I hope this helps. MC

swine flu surrounded by phoenix,az?
- i live in phoenix is it really here? dont scare me like that

I hold cystic Fibrosis so if i bring the swine flu im most no problem going to die? terrifically startled?
I have cystic fibrosis, which means i have a VERY VERY delicate immune system. even if i get a regular flu it has about equal severity as pneumonia to a normal person. I am petrified of getting the swine flu because if i get it...

Are nyc public school closed tomorrow due to the swine flu?
thats what it said on FOXFIVE and NY1 news. I am in buffalo. I'm not worried though because I don't think anyone would want to come to this dump. - really!?i live surrounded by nyc. i hope it happens