What website do i establish the best Masks to prevent from getting the swine flu?

Answer: http://www.redcrossstore.org/ I like this one: http://workplace.redcrossstore.org/Shopper/Product.aspx?UniqueItemId=448

Amazone.com seems to have a flawless selection. http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&x=0&ref_=nb_ss_hpc_0_9&y=0&field-keywords=n95%20respirator&url=search-alias%3Dhpc&sprefix=n95%20respi n95 refers to how small the holes are in the fabric. The CDC is recommend n95 for this virus. As important as having one that the virus cant get threw is how it fits. I hold to use them at work and like the 3m brand for fit. Hope this helps try not to worry. Keep your hand away from your face and wash them often. This virus lives on surfaces for a while so it seem that you could touch an infected area like the handles on a bench at the drugstore and then touch your face and get infected that route more likely. I just saw a local news story wise saying this is the leading seller on Amazon. They said the health department is clich¨¦ its not going to help. They agreed washing your hands is the best defense.

The best mask would be like those that healthcare workers have for TB. Check medical supply outlets. The masks you see general public wearing on the news do not block the molecular virus, per Nancy Snyderman, MD on NBC.

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