How long does the swine flu virus live on surfaces?

Can anyone offer any other helpful facts or statistics? mortality rate?

Answer: Until you wave some bacon at it.

I found appropriate reliable information here.

Swine flu's totally cureable and not as big of a deal as everyone's making it out to be. The only death within the US was a Mexican child visiting, I believe, and it was an infant anyway. Prevent it as you would the flu-- clean up your hands, don't share drinks, etc etc.

Variable: from a few hours to a few days. Longer on hard surfaces, and if "cocooned" in nasal mucus, as contained by "sneezed" material. Influenza can survive on bank-notes for up to several days, depending on conditions and strain variant. (from research papers found on-line) "Now wash your hand..." becomes the key phrase, though the main route of nouns is still airborne, from infected individuals. The mortality rate will take about another week to be clear on, as data from Mexico firms up. The Spanish flu of 1918-19, considered a pretty virulent strain, carried a 7% mortality contained by those it infected, but that was 40% of the planet's population!

The length of time that cold or flu germs can survive outside the body on an environmental surface, such as a doorknob, varies greatly. But the suspected range is from a few second to 48 hours — depending on the specific virus and the type of surface. Flu viruses tend to live longer on surfaces than cold viruses do. Also, it's generally believed that cold and flu virus live longer on nonporous surfaces — such as plastic, metal or wood — than they do on porous surfaces — such as fabrics, skin or paper. Although cold and flu viruses primarily spread from person-to-person contact, you can also become infected from contact beside contaminated surfaces. The best way to avoid becoming infected with a cold or flu is to wash your hand frequently with soap and water or with an alcohol-based sanitizer. One study suggests that beneath ideal circumstances, flu virus can survive for up to 17 days on paper money. Yves Thomas and colleagues at the University Hospital of Geneva in Switzerland dripped multiple strains of flu virus - including some that were circulating during winter 2007 - onto Swiss banknotes and left them at room temperature for varying amounts of time previously testing for live virus. Some strains of flu lasted only two hours, but the most adjectives flu, H3N2, lasted up to 72 hours. However, all the strains lasted longer when they be dripped onto the notes along with human nasal mucus. Some lasted as long as 17 days. One strain that last only two hours on its own lasted 24 hours in mucus. "I'm surprised the virus persist so long," says Graeme Laver, an expert in the spread of bird flu, formerly of the Australian National University in Canberra. But the flu virus like wet environments - and mucus is ideal because it is designed to retain sea.
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