Do you focus the swine flu is going to lug over the world?

I was watching I Am Legend.. and it got me thinking about the swine flu. Do you focus it's going to kill everyone?

Answer: nope.

No way


It's likely gonna turn worldwide, but it's not gonna kill 99.99% of the world. People will be infected, be cured and carry on like regular.

hell no

The first time God used a Great Flood, this time He says he will destroy the Earth by Fire, not the Swine Flu. Stop worrying, we wont go till are number is up.

we be all afraid of bird flu now it's pig flu lets enjoy kangaroo flue next that will make us all hop about

NO but use reason and caution. If you live within an area where it is spreading, use extra caution. Otherwise purify your hands frequently and use alcohol-based sanitizers.


LOL! Ah Hollywood knows how to play on people's fears. I don't believe for a second that the swine flu will take over the world. Why? 1- It's treatable 2- It's the FLU, not some psycho-mutated human invented virus 3- If God intended it to extension the world, then it would have been written surrounded by Revelation. You are doing just what the media wants you to do. getting massively hysterical over something i.e. not a huge deal. It's the flu. Simply put. Watch something a bit more upbeat. say "Bride Wars"?

yes it is going to take over the world but it is individual going to kill 1-4% of the people who get it.

Um..thieve over the world? You mean like the Nazis tried to take over the world? What do you cogitate the swine flu flag will look like when the little viruses plant it in the white house pasture? Seriously, no. I don't think it had the mortality rate or infectiousness to compare to some of the pandemics of the past..agree to alone destroy human civilization ala I AM LEGEND.

no it isn't there just trying to trademark people aware of it and to take procaution as to keep verbs and wash your hands don't touch your nose eyes or mouth and cough within a tissue and don't be around people that are sick and one more thing use mitt sanitizer that helps and spray your room with lysol spray that kills the germs purloin care.

I don't think it will take over the world or snuff out everyone. I'm sure people get infected but I doubt that it will kill 99.9% of the planet. I'm sure the scientist will sort a cure before that happens.

Nope. Not if we all keep hold of constantly washing our hands and using germ x

I do not know about that, as other virulent diseases are expected to come after this one. But it has the potential to kill many race. We are already on a high stage of Alert, officials say that this can be the subsequent Global Pandemic. Use basic common scene to avoid getting the disease: wash your hand frequently, cover your coughs and sneezes, stay away from any sick people, and seek help if you go and get sick.

Do you remember when SARS broke out? Everyone was terrified and thought it was going to murder everyone but two weeks later everyone had already forgotten about it. Sometime around 1918 a different performance of the swine flu broke out and killed millions of people worldwide. But keep within mind that it wasn't the same exact form as the one we're dealing with today and also, back next they weren't nearly as medically advanced as we are now to deal with such a piece. In 1976 it broke out again, but also a little differently. Of course it is necessary to take circumspection but I do not believe that the Swine Flu is going to take over the world. Just be smart about it...what do you do when any sickness goes around? You retribution more attention to your hygiene like washing your hands more and such.
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