swine flu question!!?

Ok im real scared... I live in west texas. How can i bring the swine flu? What are the symtoms? What precautions do i take? Help me please. Im so scared. A lil boy in my town is dyin from it. Thank u...

Answer: It is believed that swine flu would enjoy killed 88% of west texas's population before the year 2010! head away from mexico and america!

I read some article on the net that it gets transferred from pigs to humans. But if you cook the pig at a certain degree ( when you drink it ) it will kill the swine flu inside of the pig. .. that's scary : (

It's airborne. If you're afraid of the swine flu, then human influenza should be frightening to you too. It's a respiratory disease. It have nothing to do with your stomach as many ethnic group DO believe. The symptoms are fever, chills, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and a few more. Precautions are easy. Wash your hand and if it does get to the point to where you'll need to wear mask, then wear one.

dont panic wash your hand every half an hour dont go to crowded or closed places. avoid going out of your house as much as possible. use a face masquerade don't shake hands or kiss people when you say hi and the symptoms are: restlessness head and jointache cough

Take 2,000mgs of vitamin C and also take some acidophilus, it is a probioic ,you can find this at walmart in the vitamin aisle. These things will serve boost your immune system alot

It will feel like the regular flu. The first symptoms are congestion, headache, fever, and nausea. If you don't shift to the doctor within 72 hours or experiencing these symptoms, then this flu is almost impossible to stop. At that point you may have to only let it work it's course which could be fatal. Please stay alert of how your body and others around you are reacting! I aspiration you the best of luck!

omg this is what i mean, your FREAKING OUT OVER NOTHING! have you never gotten a flu before? its not a big treaty! we have medicine! youll get better! the folks in mexico only died because they are poor, crouded, and didnt go to a hospital! RELAXXXX YOU WILL BE FINE, STOP PANICING ITS NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT A BIG DEAL

The swine flu symptoms are matching as the regular flu symptoms. You can not get the flu from eating pork. It spreads the same instrument the regular flu spreads, being not careful. Most importantly, wash your hand, and stay away from sick people to keep from getting it.

The symptoms of the swine flu are chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, low standard and general discomfort. You should avoid going near people as much as possible also hang on to as much as possible supplies, food and bottled water, portable power sources and chlorine bleach as an emergency water purifier and surface sanitizer also you should do frequent washing of hand with soap and water or with alcohol-based mitt sanitizers, especially after being out in public. Vaccines against the Swine Flu are being developed and could be organized as early as June 2009.
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i don't fathom out the swine flu?
i just don't understand it ..what is happening ?? - it's only a normal flu that everyone's making a huge deal out of when its nothing at adjectives.

Are you terrified of the swine flu?
- Of course not. Reports of the flu are to sell the news. Looks like they saw you coming! LOL. There's one born every minute, I hear.

How can the swine flu be scheduled as a class five..?
when it hasn't even blipped on the radar of fatalities compared to the common flu in the US and around the world? And yes this is in the right division of Y!A - I know right. 30000 every year die from regular flu. ...

Do you deliberate Swine flu will hit unyielding within 2012?
I predict that the second wave of swine flu will have it's effect on 2012 and millions of people from childlike aged, middle aged, and old.. around the world will lose their life to this deadly disease. It have already destroyed many lifes in mexico...

Obama one 'crafty' near Phony Swine FLU PANDEMIC to disguise his desire to END Gun & AMMO Sales?
Gee, even the International numbers being 'OVER-REPORTED' right now by the Obama-Media don't even rise to the CDC's own figures for the 100'S OF thousands of Americans who DIE EACH YEAR from REGULAR STRAINS of the FLU! - This is innocent. Its not a cover......

have the swine flu reach long shore, CA?
let me know plz - No not yet but in CA near has been 15 cases of swine flu.

Is Tucson,Arizona contained by exposure of the "Swine Flu"?
i live in tucson and ive been hearing almost it and its scary. Is Tucson,AZ which is right above mexico in any danger? - We adjectives need to watch where it spreads closely.