Any confirmed cases of Swine Flu contained by North Carolina and what are the symptoms?

I live in North Carolina and i'm in middle school. No i am NOT startled about it i'm just merely curious. I'm more worried about not catching this bug at college, three people leaving home in soon feeling like they had to vomit, immediately that scares me more. Anyway i'm just curious so thanks for your comfort!

Answer: in North Carolina, Swine Flu is not spreading. Symptoms: Fever rash bad impossible cough vomiting trouble breathing or fast breathing (for children) not interacting well not waking up regularly

Yes there are cases in north carolina. This shows the cases, and suspected cases,-110.390625&spn=15.738151,25.488281&z=5

In NC (Im here too) WRAL says they are investigating several cases. Other sources put the number at 20. All contained by Charlotte. No confirmed cases, but they say tests will be back tomorrow. No worries, we'll be fine. Tarheels are tougher than pig.. we unquestionably eat enough of it. LOL PS - Symptoms are just close to regular flu.

not yet. but for sure it will

i live in north carolina and people surrounded by my school have been poppisurrounded by up more sickly lately. There arent any confirmed cases yet
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