Is the Swine Flu that big of a treaty?

Best Answer: the media is making it a big deal

Answer: not as long as you get vaccinate if you catch it. It's really not all that serious

Do you have it ? i thought i have it but then i was like naah LOOL

Yes. It's bloodshed people and spreading quickly. We don't have a vaccine or inbred immunity. It's deadly, but it spreads like a regular flu. Wash your hands often. Use hand sanitizer when you can't dry-clean them. Avoid crowds. Don't touch your face with unwashed hands. Stay home if you're sick. Sneeze and cough into tissues and discard them quickly and then wash your hands.

not at adjectives. people panic too easily. (oh no, the sky is falling) and we do enjoy antibiotics for it.

umm yes i think it is! know media.

if you have it you will entail to get better in time if you are too late it is over

Not really. It have caused deaths, but that's on infants of elderly people. If you are a across the world healthy person you will be fine.

um 84 ppl in mexico enjoy died from it 1 person out side of mexico I think it might be a bit of a big deal.

Yes it is a big do business. Hundreds in mexico have died. Many more people are sick within mexico and the U.S. The first american casualty was yesterday (a 23 month old child) That seems approaching a big deal to me. Also, it is cannot be cured.

Well, yes and no. Yes, if it gets more wide spread and the death increase very fast. No, it's the flu and people necessitate to practice the same precautions as any other contagious cold/virus/flu/illness.

no its bullcrap. never will it become a worldwide plague ive said this so many times

Its just approaching the flu, but the scary thing is, we don't exactly know how it spread from pigs to humans. And we don't know the cure of it. So, be aware? Yes. Be scared? No. The United States is a totally educated and smart country. You won't die from it.

To the common brit no we will catch it own some anti virals 3 days in bed and before you know kerry katona will be advertising iceland again (unfortunatly). To bob b 23 month year prehistoric babies dont have developed immune systems and mexico is a developing country many people dont even own clean water so how will their bodies cope under infection.

lol here is no vaccine for it... and yes its becoming more of a big deal they just raised the jeopardy of the pandemic to the second highest level however, if you practice basic hygiene and brand name sure you stay healthy and avoid sustained contact with others then you should be fine and if you touch sick at all it is a good idea to obtain tested right away the CDC stated that if swine flu is detected early then it is not deadly and can be treated slickly without being a threat to your life however, if you put bad going to the doctor and actually do have swine flu (which is a low chance anyway) after it could pose a threat to not only your health but life so it is a big operation but its not exactly deadly unless you are careless and not wary everyone should perform as if they will get it or do have it if they are sick the odds at this time of you getting it are low but nobody know how the odds will be tomorrow or next week or next month... so jsut be wary and be alert and you should be fine were all scared lol i live within texas and in houston the first U.S. casualty from swine flu died right here in houston...

media frenzy each year 2 300 000 people die of flu=in the period 150 population of died of swine flu 132 000 people of died of "normal flu" which makes it 1 000 % smaller number likely killing you than "every day "flu endemic nouns

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