Another annoying Swine Flu grill but should we be skeptical in the region of ingestion pork presently?

so why did Egypt slaughter 300,000 pigs?
Best Answer: No. Cook it completely, and it's fine.

Answer: noooooo all pork and pig and everything is fine. Swine flu is actually called H1N1 virus immediately cuz the name "swine flu" makes people suggest you get it from eating pork & its hurting the pork industry.
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Swine flu abortion discount?
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Is the Swine Flu something to concerned roughly?
Just like the bird flu or SARS i remember everyone making a big hype on the media about it. Should i be worried? I live within PA. - No one knows how bad it is yet. Just lurk till they realease more information.

How did the mexican swine flu start?
And once you catch it, how long does it last?And why isnt it as bad when it spreads to other countries? - some mexican who lives contained by mexico and works in the usa at a mcdonalds

do you agree that the swine frenzy endemic is overblown resembling bird flu be?
- I think it's all an excuse for the tabloids to run headlines close to 'Pig Sick' 'Who's going to save our bacon?' 'Can it be cured?' etc etc!

How plentiful of you devise they shouldve wait to be paid a big business out of the swine flu?
I'm just curious. I think they couldve done some more testing and research to where on earth they wereAlmost on the verge of finding a cure instead of freakin out everyone in the world. Now folks don't wanna do anything cuz they are worried they...

After you're dying from swine flu will you still be worrying give or take a few intercontinental warm?
I dont think so its a scam any way - if you go to a doctor they can treat swine flu the relatives who have died didnt go to the doctor because 1. it didnt seem serious or 2. they didnt...