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Why can a blood type of O cynical donate blood to anyone?
And what is the difference between O positive and O negative. Like, what makes the plus and minus? Its a clotting factor, the positive and cynical refer to the Rh factor. The universal donor is O positve, not negative. Where B contains anti-A antibodies and B antigens and A have...

Roacutane? who have be on this drug?
can you tell me your experiences with it please? Not personally but I enjoy had a friend who was on it and I have particular a few patients who have been on it. It seems to enjoy excellent results if other treatments have failed but should only be used lower than the care of a...

Should i start taking paxil? (proxetin)?its my first anxiety medication?
Okay, today i went to my school counseling center and talked to the psycatrist for resembling 30 mins for the first time... He diddn't asked me much about me, but i told him about my social anxiety and obsessive thoughts.. so he simply prescribed me Proxetine and he didn even explaind to...

Why is it that doctors call for what they do practice?
as they trained they don't need to practice!! do they? A practice can also mean practicing your chosen profession Anyway, for my sins, I got a Ph.D. from the Open Univerity second year, after writing nonesence about speeding up electrical power transfer circuits, oil occupied power transformers etc. My wife,...

What information can be reach near cerebrospinal fluid after doing a lumbar puncture??
The first thing you can learn is whether or not there is increased pressure on the brain, and you find that out by measure the opening pressure--how hard the CSF comes out when you make the puncture. You can later see whether the fluid is bloody, cloudy or...

What should teens do to backing them become doctors?
I'm 13 and i want to be a doctor when i'm older, my dad's a doc. and my mom's a nurse. I was inspired by House and i want to go into diagnostic medicene, what considerate of stuff should i do as ateen to help me get a place at med school, and facilitate...

What do you suppose the other %90 of our brain is for?
The first answer is surely correct that we use the entire brain on a daily basis, just not adjectives at the same time. [That would probably cause a seizure.] The most direct method of proving this is to look at fMRIs from brains doing various tasks, and observe...

What does an MRI scan show?
I am scheduled for an MRI scan(on my knee) tomorrow. If it should come back normal does that be set to that my knee is fine? Will the MRI show ALL abnormalities in regard to the knee? Darn close by everything... just don't move or you are wasting your money. Sandbagging your leg will help immobilize it....

What if someone overdose vitamin D. What will surface?
n excessive ingestion of vitamin D which usually occurs as a result of supplement overdose. Vitamin D is essential for healthy teeth and bones. Our bodies can make vitamin D from exposure to the sun but this process turns stale once our bodies have enough of the vitamin. However, when vitamin D is...

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