(UK) What do I want to utter to achieve my GP to make a contribution me sleeping tablets?

I have never be a good sleeper. It's as if my body requirements my natural sleeping stencil to be from about 6am to 2pm. But as I'm am a student, this is incompatible near my lifestyle.

For years I have be trying everything. Relaxing, taking a bath, not doing anything to stimulating, adjectives down on caffeine. I have even tried herbal remedies, but nil works. I am never sleepy at the appropriate time, even if I got up impulsive. All I want is to be able to walk to bed and fall asleep.

I once go to my doctor and he just give me an information sheet about things to try, things I already know about and hold tried anyway.

I want the drugs.

What do I need to speak to my GP to get a prescription?

Answers:    yeah I agree next to Jennifer.

I dont know it works in the UK but here contained by the states if your doc is just not doing it for you, try another.

BUT keep watch on out for those sleeping pills. They are addictive, then you can't walk to sleep without them. But insomina sucks too. Tough traffic, but anyway tell him/her what's up.
Go vertebrae and tell him exactly what you hold written here

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